ORBIT WASH – Corner of 9th & T Streets

go green and clean

Washing Green:

At Orbit Wash we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and strive to be as green conscience as possible.

Water Quality:

Our system at Orbit Wash processes the used car wash water before it hits the local sewer system. We’ve installed three 1,500 gallon separators to pre-treat the post wash water on site keeping it out of the storm drain system helping to keep our rivers and streams free of contaminates and pollution.

Energy Conservation:

We have invested heavily in energy efficient lighting and equipment, 100 % of our lights are LED’s which use a fraction of the energy standard lights use. The motors that run the tunnel and other equipment on our site use a variable frequency electric motor that again, uses less energy than a typical motor. Our equipment is vastly more efficient and effective than older car wash equipment systems.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a green alternative to keeping your car clean and well maintained.


We offer free vacuum to our monthly customers. Feel free to stop by the office and pick up your tokens.


7am - 11pm

Automatic Wash
8am - 1hr. after dark
(7 days a week)

9th and T